In 2010 I started off designing costumes for the plays "Medea" with a chorus of brides each inspired by a different decades of 20th century, "As You Like It" set in the fashionable 60's, and "Refuge of Lies" where a character is drowned in a bathtub in every performance. My "Solar Epoque" collection of aluminum-foil gowns graced the stage of a 2010 Winter Olympic Games Medal Ceremony. I travelled to LA to help set up Elena Gregusova's exhibition at the Financial Times Luxury Summit and returned to design the 1930's play "Brighton Beach Memoirs" for The Gateway Theatre. At the  end of the summer I started designing cyber-punk costumes for Matteo Saradini's sci-fi web series pilot, with my team and myself building all the costumes and shooting through to December. At the same time I was designing 1940's play "Skin of Our Teeth" featuring a dinosaur and mammoth costume! And there was more animals to come in the stage production of "Cinderella". November came with a call from Sidney Chiu and the offer to design a feature film called "Three Days in Havana" staring Gil Bellows, Kathleen Robertson and Greg Wise. It couldn't be better year and the beginning 2011 started with the shoot of "Three Days in Havana" with locations in both Vancouver and Havana, Cuba.

What I do… Creating and visualizing characters' costumes based on written stories. My journey starts with your script. I like to breakdown the script during my first read, starting to visualize the characters for the first time, sometimes getting quite precise ideas of their costumes. Each production is different and I approach it accordingly, but the basics are the same. Sometimes I get a visual concept from the director or certain idea they are looking for and I do my best to incorporate it into my designs. Once the designs are approved, we start the production process.  Some costumes are built, and some bought. It depends whether the show is asking for specifically designed costumes or it is set in present day and therefore requires contemporary one. Important factors are the budget and the actors. It is about adapting to various demands of each production.

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